Monday, April 29, 2013

for a limited time only...

One of the main reasons I stopped blogging / ignored this blog / didn't bother with this idiocy was due to the popularity of Facebook. I started working longer and longer hours and as a result, I had to choose between doing other stuff that I enjoy, or writing here to entertain slash educate slash humour the masses.

The choice was simple.

But Facebook has gotten annoying. Yes, I know the elections are coming. But just like the World Cup every four years, suddenly every moron and his cat is an expert. Women who had never watched a game of football in their lives are suddenly how Italy are an awesome team because of Alejandro Del Piero and Fabio Carravagio (true story, by the way). Children who never read the news 6 months ago are today telling me how awesome that Anwar fella is. Well, fuck off.

And to be fair, even though I didn't share 20 posts a day from the "Unofficial Anwar Ibrahim Fan Club" page, or flood my friends' wall with unverified crap from the "1,000,000 Malaysians Reject MCA" page, I do acknowledge that my posts could be misconstrued as annoying to others.

So, I pledge, from now until the FUCKING ELECTIONS ARE OVER, my political rants will stay off Facebook and on to this (formerly) awesome blog.