Monday, April 29, 2013

Questions nobody seem to be asking

The thing that everybody knows about our education system is that it produces a bunch of robots who are spoonfed everything, and then regurgitate everything they were told when asked. We've known this for years, and this is why BN's propaganda used to work like a charm.

These days, apparently the middle-class urbanites have woken up. Nobody believes BN propaganda any more. Nobody listens any more. Najib can tell you that crime rate has gone down, and it may be true, but nobody believes it. People are challenging conventional wisdom more and more these days, people are openly questioning what they have been told for years.


The only difference between 15 years ago and now is that, instead of swallowing BN's nonsense today, the middle class are now swallowing PR's nonsense. Everything Lim Guan Eng says, everything Nik Aziz says - apparently that is true and pure. Nobody questions them. In fact, their propaganda is so fantastically awesome, that even the BN politicians are not even questioning it (but that is perhaps due to the fact that a lot of BN politicians are incompetent and are obviously not in a position to question).

Here is a question nobody seems to be asking:

How come DAP's CEC is now all-powerful again?

We all know this story. DAP messed up their elections last December. Instead of taking steps to rectify the mistake, Lim Guan Eng blames Microsoft Excel. Then, instead of cracking the whip in January, the Registrar of Societies decided to be an ass and suspend their CEC two days before nomination date.

Cue panic and drama. Kit Siang cries in a press conference. Guan Eng vents his fury at a "biased" BN government. They all claim that a suspended CEC means that none of them have any power to authorize the DAP candidates to use the Rocket logo.

Cue outrage from the Average Joe. Lawyers, business owners, corporate professionals - everybody is going ballistic on Facebook. Except that, these are the very people who should know better. There is no such thing that a suspended Board of Directors means the business must cease operations. This makes no sense, not in the business world, not anywhere. SOMEBODY within the organization would have the right, and would have the authority to act on behalf of the organization. Anyone with half an educated brain would have known this. And true enough, after all the sandiwara, they still managed to use their logo after "approval" from the RoS.

But if all that shit was true, the RoS and the EC only authorized them to use the logo on nomination day. RoS has not come out and said that the suspended CEC has been reinstated. If, as according to Lim Guan Eng, the CEC lost all its power as a result of the suspension, who the hell is approving all the disbursement of campaign funds today? Who has the authority to sack the DAP members who ran as independents? Who is the person who has the power to control the party's finances and disciplinary board but who has no power to authorize people to use a logo?


KJ Wong said...

You come cry foul here I come agree with you lah. We hide in our little corner, kalau tak the Facebook brigade comes.

I call bullshit on both sides of this farce. All politicians spew bullshit, use tactics and propoganda. It's just which bullshit people choose to believe and champion.

Cheers mate.

vincent said...

Change. We want change. We want change. We want change.

Rinse and repeat x6

Actually. That will be the subject of my next Question of the Day